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Stop Bad References

Request a Cease and Desist Letter for a Bad Reference

What to do when you find you are being given a bad reference? Stop bad references with our Cease & Desist Service.

What You Receive with the Cease & Desist Service:

  1. A legal analysis of your “unfavorable”  or bad reference. (Note that the assumption is that Allison & Taylor has already concluded a reference check on your behalf that has revealed unfavorable input from your reference.) AllisonTaylor.com will review your reference check report(s) with legal counsel after providing them with a copy of that report(s). (Please note that the attorney might decide that stronger legal recourse than Cease & Desist could be available to you.  If so, you will be advised directly by the attorney.) 
  2. After our consultation with the attorney you will receive a rough draft of the C&D letter. Within 1 week – providing you approve the draft immediately upon receipt — the letter will be sent via certified (signature-required) mail to the CEO or appropriate senior management representative you identify within your former company.
  3. Note that the attorney letter that will be transmitted on your behalf is a copyrighted work product.
  4. A final copy of the Cease & Desist letter sent to you via email the day it is sent to the company.
  5. After approximately four weeks has passed from the time the company receives the Cease & Desist letter, a follow-up reference check is conducted. You will be asked to input this follow-up order on a no-charge basis.
  6. In the unlikely event our organization is called upon to serve in a deposition regarding your negative reference, AllisonTaylor.com will serve in this capacity (some fees may apply, depending on services required).
  7. Your references are kept on file with our firm for an additional 12 months, on a complimentary basis. You must send us an email when the file is to be archived and you receive notice. Typically this service fee is $19.95 per 6 months per reference.
  8. Perhaps most importantly, you will gain peace of mind knowing that this unfavorable reference is being addressed and should not result in your loss of future employment.

Due to the price competitiveness of this quote (generation of a Cease & Desist letter is typically $1,200), note that any additional demands on the attorney’s time – e.g., calls or emails — will result in additional fees to you. Additional fees of $75 will be billed in 15- minute increments for additional time with Allison Taylor or the attorney.

To proceed, please complete the form below and provide:

(1) your authorization for Allison & Taylor to share the reference files conducted on your behalf with an attorney

(2) your acceptance of the terms above and your authorization for AllisonTaylor.com to bill you $395 for the services as described in this communication.

Please advise if you authorize AllisonTaylor.com to utilize your credit card number on file (previously used for your reference check(s), or whether we should contact you to obtain different billing information. Please send us an email with your authorization per the above (do not email any credit card information; this can be provided via phone).

Bad Reference

Note that the company representative who gave the negative reference will be named in that letter. The reference-checking firm contracted by you (AllisonTaylor.com) will NOT be named in the letter.

Also note that, while this process has proven effective in most instances, it is not possible to offer a guarantee of our efforts, nor is any portion of the overall fee refundable.

Cease & Desist for a Bad Reference Testimonials


“It’s one thing to know I had a bad reference, another to be able to do something about it. Allison & Taylor helped me with both, (we have checked again and now my reference, although not great is at least neutral) and I’m (finally) employed again after many months of searching. Many thanks!” (P. L., Phoenix, AZ)
“I’d given up hope that I would ever be able to do anything about my past boss who has been badmouthing me. (Thanks to the “Cease and Desist Letter” he has been stopped) Thank goodness I found about your service – I would have contacted you years ago if I’d known your services existed.” (J.L, Ogden, UT)

“It’s one thing to suspect I had a “bad apple” in my reference barrel, another thing to confirm it. And then, being able to do something about it with your Cease-&-Desist letter – I finally feel like I’m getting my career back. Thanks so much!” (B. R., Birmingham, AL)

“My self esteem had been hurting so much over the past year because of my inability to get a new job. Your company showed me where the problem was, and gave me a reasonably priced tool to put a stop to it. I am very much in your debt, Allison & Taylor.” (W.W., Naples, FL)

“My money spent for your reference checking service and subsequent Cease-&-Desist letter is surely the best investment I have made for several years. Many thanks.” (A. D., Missoula, MT)


“ I wish I had a dollar for every sleepless night I had wondering if one of my references was preventing me from finding a new job. Not only did you confirm my worst suspicions but you gave me the means from preventing them from doing it again. I had your company do a follow-up check with my previously negative reference after your attorney sent the Cease-&-Desist letter and he sang a completely different tune (only confirming my employment dates and title) the second time around. My prospects for landing a new job are looking up – thank you again for your help.” (D.J., Toronto, Ontario)

“I was frankly skeptical that a U.S.-based company could find out what my European employer was saying about me, much less give me any recourse once they confirmed my employer was negative. Your company did both, and I am in your debt.” (A.P., Wiesbaden, Germany)

“Way to go, Allison & Taylor – you guys have given me my life back with that (Cease & Desist) letter your attorney sent my boss a month ago. She’s sure singing a different tune now!” (C.H., Juneau, AK)

“What a wonderful service (Cease & Desist letter) – I didn’t have the money or inclination to take my evil boss to court. You gave me a quick, simple and lower-priced alternative to legal action that has given my future employment a new lease on life. I will recommend you to all of my unemployed friends – thank you so much.” (J.J., Vancouver, British Columbia)