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Professional Reference Checking and Employment Verification Firm

Since 1984, Allison & Taylor professional reference checking company has been a professional reference checking and employment verification firm dedicated to providing professional and executive level candidates with a valuable service:

Professional reference checking research and reference consulting on the most strategic use of references to assure a successful transition.

Throughout our 30 years as a reference checking and reference consulting company, we have heard it all… discrimination in many forms, references explaining the relationships / sleeping habits of former employees, HR Managers refusing to comment until the “litigation is complete” and Board Members who say “Are you sure he listed me as a reference?”

It is our experience in reference checking, that a reference does not need to be illegal in order to sabotage a job search. Profession Reference checking services are important because a mediocre job reference can be enough for the job offer to go to another candidate. For instance, inaccurate information on position title, dates of employment or reason for separation, an untimely return phone call or the tone in a reference’s voice could send the wrong message to a prospective employer doing your reference checking. Employing reference checking and reference consulting services prior to your job search can help you get the job you want.

As basic as the need for a good job reference is, many candidates take little time or effort in being assured through reference checking that the references submitted to prospective employers are, in fact, providing the type of recommendation expected.

Job Reference Consulting

  • Do you need some job reference consulting advice to assist you in your job quest?
  • Need feedback on how to address a poor / bad job reference?
  • Need suggestions to improve your job references?

Our Professionals offer job reference consulting services at $150.00 Per hour:

Email or telephone reference consulting is offered.

Please call 800-651-8202 or 800-890-5645 or email allison@allisontaylor.com to schedule a confidential reference consulting appointment.

Just a quick reference consulting question?  We would like to help. No charge.

Check Your References

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