Good References

Critical For Getting The Job You Want.  See these examples.

How Critical are Postive References and Good References?

Good references can get you the job you want. Companies are very selective about hiring today. Security is of major concern to all of us.  Your references will be checked and positive references or good job references can give your resume that added boost.  Honor these rules of etiquette for good job references and they should continue singing your praises for a long time.

Good References Rules of Etiquette:

  1. Call your former bosses and ask them if they are willing to be good job references for you.  Give your previous boss a career update.  Thank your former boss for his / her time.
  2. Keep your former positive references informed of your experiences in climbing the corporate ladder and your educational progress. He / she will be more inclined to see you in a stronger light as you progress.
  3. Spending time chatting with a potential employer is taking valuable time of your former bosses’ day.  If you plan to use these positive references over the years, you need to give something back, for instance:
  4. After receiving good job references, write a personal thank you letter or send an email.
  5. After receiving good job references, offer to take your former boss to lunch / dinner.
  6. After receiving positive references or good job references, send a thoughtful gift, for example,  everyone loves to receive flowers at the office.

If you win the new position, call or email your former boss, thank them again for the positive references and good job references and let them know your new contact information.

Check Your References

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Even companies who have strong policies regarding references have many employees who break the rules.

We have heard over and over again:
“We miss him / her very much.”

You never want your former employer to say:
“Check his / her references very carefully.”

Find out what your former job references are saying about you. Are they positive references and good job references?
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