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57% of former bosses & HR do not honor job reference corporate policy.

Find out what former employers tell a prospective employer. We will reference check your previous employers to find out exactly what they are saying about you.

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Reference Checking Services

Our job reference checking service will help you get the job you want! Choose your preferred reference checker package options to get started.

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Why should I hire someone to check my references?

The #1 reason that a qualified job applicant may not get the job is due to bad references from former employers. If you’re concerned about a previous boss badmouthing you, don’t leave your career and your financial future up to chance.
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Because we also work with recruiters, attorneys, and direct hiring companies, your references will not be informed about the source requesting information about your employment history.
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Our staff will begin attempts to contact your references by phone within 48 hours.
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Peace of Mind

If you suspect that an old boss is slandering you and ruining your chances of getting hired by a new employer, a documented reference check can confirm it and give you the ability to do something about it.