Refund Policy

If your reference does not respond or adheres to company policy to not divulge information regarding your performance:

Once an order is processed and credit card has been charged we call the reference requested. Should the reference not respond after a minimum of five (5) call attempts - during which time multiple messages are left - you have the results as seen by a prospective employer. The reference does not care to discuss your previous employment; therefore, you need to assess their value as a reference. At times a reference is directed, by company policy, not to offer reference information. At other times, we are directed to a 3rd party vendor. In such instances, we have completed our job to the best of our ability and the feedback we provide constitutes the answer to your inquiry.


Substitutions with a different name will be accepted, if there has been no response from the original reference called and there have been less than three (3) contact attempts. If you instruct our staff to stop further calls, we will do so. Again, the company does not offer refunds.

In summary, our organization has performed the services for which it was contracted. Unfortunately, your reference does not appear to be an asset in your job search.