What is your former boss saying about you?

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This service saved my husband's career. Thank you.
P. Sommers, President

We'll find out what your job references say about you

Having a job reference checking service check your job references is the most accurate way to confirm that these job references will enhance your chances, rather than prevent you from securing the position you want.

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Allison & Taylor has over thirty years of experience in professional reference checking cease and desist letters and detailed employment verifications you can trust. Our reference checking services have been nationally recognized on CBSNews.com, NETSHARE.com, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NationJob.com, Glamour Magazine, New Woman Magazine, Worth Magazine, The Detroit News, and The St. Petersburg Times just to name a few!

Your service saved my husband’s career. Even though he won his lawsuit for wrongful termination and age discrimination, his references were keeping him from doing what he loved, working. Your company provided us with the evidence we needed to avoid another court battle. Thank you.

P. Sommers, President

I would like to address you as a satisfied (very satisfied) customer. You are effective and efficient as well as being service-oriented. I have had two separate matters with your firm, and in each case I have been impressed. In each case, your work has directly contributed to the result – support of my client’s case.”

M. Klamen, Attorney at Law, St. Louis, MO

Why should I hire someone to check my references?

The #1 reason that a qualified job applicant may not get the job is due to bad references from former employers. If you’re concerned about a previous boss badmouthing you, don’t leave your career and your financial future up to chance.


Because we also work with recruiters, attorneys, and direct hiring companies, your references will not be informed about the source requesting information about your employment history.


Our staff will begin attempts to contact your references by phone within 48 hours.

Peace of Mind

If you suspect that an old boss is slandering you and ruining your chances of getting hired by a new employer, a documented reference check can confirm it and give you the ability to do something about it.